The design of the interior spaces is tightly integrated with the exterior through window placements. The window are dually informed, of course, by the spaces behind them as well as their role in the composition of the facades. Sill height variation relates to both standing and sitting view lines, and the exterior window patterns continue onto interior walls. As these windows move into the house, they appear first as exterior windows, then as interior relights, allowing light to bounce from room to room. Finally, as them migrate full into the interior, they become shadow boxes.

The colors on the exterior only hint at what is to be found inside. The initial color palette of greens and blues came from the owner. Ray interpreted blue as the "center" of the spectrum and extended the range to include violet.

At bottom right is the top of the stair tower, where a small reading room takes advantage of the tree-top level view of the lake.
  The client says... "I'm here in the master bedroom looking at the blue wall from the bed, and it frames the far purple wall surrounding the far window really nicely, which itself has a very interesting set of trees framed in it. Very cool. It's also interesting with the light from the setting sun coming in several different windows and illuminating different portions of the walls."

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