Original entry  
  New entry ties into expanded stair hall, bringing light into both the interior and exterior entry.

The client says... "Marvin has a very good sense of design and projected visualization. I was always open to his suggestions, even if they were not in my original plan because in the end the result was better than I anticipated."
  "One of the advantages of having Marvin as a general contractor is that his experience and expertise enable his clients to have limited contact with his sub-contractors. Marvin was always willing to discuss the bids of sub-contractors with us but ultimately he accepted the responsibility of dealing with the subs which is very advantageous to the client.

Actually a couple of [items] came in under-budget because of some of the changes that Marvin suggested from the original plan that actually were improvements and cost-saving. "
  New kitchen island redirects circulation and defines both kitchen and dining.

"I would not hesitate to recommend Marvin for a residential or commercial remodel or building a new home. He has an excellent sense of design, very good work ethic and communication skills. Marvin is a perfectionist with his own work and demands the same high quality of work from his sub- contractors. "
  New garden shed with loft.

"Another important aspect of working with any general contractor that will be in your home is that Marvin is very trustworthy and honest and I never hesitated to give him a set of keys to our house. His billing and accounting are also very fair."
  Loft access integrated into fireplace and storage wall in new multi-purpose room.  
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